Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Kings Road, catch ups ☕

One of the most difficult parts of moving away from home to a new city is leaving family and friends behind. 
As much as you can be busy with work and new exciting ventures the new city holds, there is always a part that will miss   those favourite faces that you grew up with and saw so often. 

So when I moved to the big smoke, I always knew I had to make the effort to meet up with the friends who moved to London as well as meeting new people, and Liza is one of them. She is so incredibly talented in make up artistry and  genuinely an amazing girl. Just catching up over coffee and shopping on Kings Road, Chelsea was the perfect Sunday. 

Caramel cream espressos, make up talks, our love for discovering new places, selfies and Italian, couldn't have been a better afternoon.

Till the next soirée! Have a lovely Monday!


Mexican Birthday Bash!

A couple of weeks ago, I played hostess and hosted my brothers 30th birthday in my 2nd city, London of course and I invited all of his friends a few cousins and headed out for a luxurious mexican party! It was definitely one to remember and Im so pleased it all went to plan. 

Here are a few pictures from Peoté in mayfair. A fine ding mexican place, which you rarely come across. The ceviche was delicious and the shrimp tacos were to die for! But most of all the birthday cake that my cousin made was the icing as well as the churros for dessert. NOM!

Enjoy…and welcome to the FIESTA!

Thanks for reading dolls! 


Breakfast in Italy

I'm such a night creeper, so breakfast never really appealed to me. During my university days I would skip breakfasts religiously. Until I woke up in Sorrento to this view! 

If breakfasts were laid out like this, bursting with colour, with every option under the sun and the whiff of freshly baked cakes enticing me into the kitchen, I can confirm I would be the first person at the table 😜

Fresh pastries, almond cakes, banana loaf and more.

My future kitchen will look like this, the joy of breakfast with so much colour.

The taste of freshly squeezed local oranges. Nom!

This by far is the best morning breakfasts I have had whilst on holiday. The hotel is so small and ayers to a handful of guests so book early if you want to go! 

The two ladies are so lovely and they welcome you like its your own kitchen. How sweet?

How pretty was the tea selection?! 

After lounging around the lobby, we were spoilt for choice with tea options and finally I chose one and headed back to the room. 

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